Fake it till you Make it.

Here I sit, December 1, 2016, on the first day of a 30 day writing challenge.  I’m reviewing my failed, okay that’s too harsh, “less than stellar” blog site. I haven’t really had any new content in years, haven’t even written much more than a grocery list to stare at and this is coming from someone who claims writing is a favorite pastime.

My “About” page touts me as an SEO writer.  I was for a time, but found it more stressful than I thought.  When it takes 10 hours to write 750 words, something’s amiss.  Of course that included research time, sorting out content, making sure I spun it around and injected it with witty critiques to call my own and nap time.  My one client seemed pleased, paid me cold hard PayPal cash and yet after 4 or 5 articles it faded away.  I did nothing to procure more business, no more writing, no more spinning witty words, no more naps… alright, there were plenty of naps.

Why?  Four letters.  Fear.  About what?  Of being criticized, of being boring, of not having any worthy content that someone would actually want to read, let alone pay for and for not understanding how to rule my computer with a magic wand and make WordPress my bitch.

I stress about all of that and more.  Heck, it took me 5 minutes to find my draft for this article once I left my site.  Never mind trying to think about blog staples such as linking, inserting and adding photos, things I’ve long since forgot how to do.

That’s where this writing challenge thing comes in and the title to this post, Fake it till you Make it.  I’m going to act like I’m a writer.  I’m going to write for 30 days straight.  I’m going to channel my inner Erma Bombeck and Jerry Seinfeld and write about “nothing” but yet something.  Hopefully something worth reading, even if it serves as just a distraction into someone’s day. Will I make any money? That’s a guaranteed, No. Will I have to ask for technical help?  That’s a resounding Yes, but hopefully what I gain in confidence and self-worth will be priceless.

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