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Do blog stats rule your world?

My new blog is just over two weeks old.  An infant.  A newborn.  I wonder at times, if it isn’t a  premature baby.  Have I launched my creative outlet too soon?  If you go on the premise that I’m writing just for myself, then who … Continue reading

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The World Series of Poker…

This is one of those “bucket list” items that you dream about. Playing in the World Series of Poker.  The Vegas lights, the cast of characters, the professionals and the amateurs, or as I like to refer to them, the…. Sharks and … Continue reading

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Bliss List

“Follow your bliss,”  such a simple piece of advice often doled out to people like me searching for some direction.  How can you follow something if you can’t even find it?  In a rare reflective moment, I’ve decided to try … Continue reading

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I’m safe. No really.

Anyone with children knows that “worry” is the glue that binds a parent to their child.  Multiply this times ten if you are a mother.   I have three children.  All beautiful, all smart, all talented.  You know, all those glowing adjectives you would expect … Continue reading

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Just wonderin’…Paul Bunyan edition

I live in Oregon.  Tree heaven.  The home of  majestic towering timbers that provide shelter for woodland animals and safe haven for endangered species like the northern spotted owl.  I honestly believe the term “tree huggers” was coined here.  You know, those people who chain … Continue reading

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    In the process of getting ready to sell my house, the stager lady, that’s how I like to refer to her, made me put away all of my family photos, extra unused furniture, delightful little knickknacks and, oh … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Alrighty then, here goes.  It took me zero time to find my site, thanks Sean, and a full five minutes or so to figure out how to edit the first post, “Hello World!” and I’m still not sure I’m doing … Continue reading

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