Tis the Season…


Recently, over Thanksgiving I was informed there is a new game in town. Elf on the Shelf. When I voiced my confusion over this idea, I was met with a cacophony of “What! You’ve never heard of Elf on the Shelf??” I know, hard to believe that this 59 year old Gramma that watches the news every day like an on-going soap opera, spends countless hours on her iPhone perusing Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter somehow missed the boat when it comes to Santa’s little helpers. Around my house, the only elves that are here are the ones that tie knots in my Christmas lights, steal a sock from the dryer and eat my ice cream treats while leaving the wrappers in the empty box, taunting me like the fat farm police.

Apparently, these little Minions of Mischief come with a cautionary tale for wide-eyed girls and boys awaiting Santa on Christmas Eve.  Rumor has it, Santa has “Scout Elves” which hide in people’s homes to watch over the daily comings and goings only to fly back to the North Pole at night to give Santa the low down on who belongs on the “nice” list and who gets that lump of coal in their stocking.  They return home to their new home each morning only to hide in a new place in the house, either sitting simply on a shelf or hiding in a tin of flour only to be found making snow angels.  I guess that one depends on if you get a “nice” elf or a “naughty” one.  Oh the the inventive fun to be had!

When I think of all the “Coulda, Shoulda Woulda’s” in my life, this is right up there.  Why, didn’t I come up with this imaginative idea?  All this creative credit goes to a woman named Carol Aebesold and her daughter, Chanda Bell who came up with this clever idea in a 2004 picture book.  In my opinion, they should get the Nobel Prize for Best Creative Holiday Marketing  Idea Ever. Obviously, that’s not a category for the prestigious award, but it should be, besides, the Swedes and Norwegians love a good Christmas story….

My little ones are big ones now but I don’t think that’s going to stop me from purchasing an elf ( I hear Target is the place to go…you can thank me now Target for the plug), naming it, (Buddy, isn’t that the only name it could be?) and finding special places in my house for it to reside.. I’m thinking in reindeer poop… (chocolate covered raisins.) I guess that answers the question of which list I’ll be on this year.  :o)..



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