Sprezzatura….or what I learned from reality TV

“It’s the best when the ordinary is extraordinary, I think. There’s this Italian renaissance way of being romantic: they call it ‘sprezzatura’. Which is where you try to be as romantic as possible – but through your ordinary life. There’s so much more magic in the ordinary. Life isn’t all, like, fireworks. Romantic things come from inside you.”  Quote from Ames Brown(The Bachelorette)

Every once in a while I come across a quote that hits me like a ton of bricks.  You know, the ones that “speak” to you.  It’s like your own exact thought process that someone else captured and wrapped up in a two-quotation mark package.

Ames Brown from this season’s Bachelorette spoke to me with his above quote.  Sprezzatura……..Sprezzaturrrrra….where you try to be romantic as possible, but through ordinary life.  How cool is that?  What girl watching that episode didn’t swoon right then and there in her flannel pajama pants?  I know I did. 

It’s no small secret that lavish romantic getaways have not been on my agenda recently.  No funds, no time and more importantly, no significant other to run haphazardly on the beach with, falling into each others arms while surf and sand find their way into parts not mentioned. 

But as the quote suggests, we can make everyday romantic, or fun or special.  We just need to view it as such.  Some of my most perfect days are ones that include nothing but a great cup of coffee, the NYT’s crossword and a round of golf.  And I’m a lousy golfer, a duffer extraordinaire, but I don’t let my lack of skills on the golf course get in the way of having a beautiful day.  I see others’ rants and raves and think, “Really?” This is a wonderful game, outside, with or without your favorite adult beverage.  Enjoy the moment people. 

I guess that’s what it comes down to, enjoying the moments big or small in our lives.  The big momentous ones are great, but this gal enjoys the smaller ones just as much.  No, I enjoy them more, because they happen every single day.

Drink a glass of wine, hug your loved ones, walk your dog, sit in front of the fire with your ipad, but whatever you do, “Godersi la Giornata…or Enjoy your Day! 

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1 Response to Sprezzatura….or what I learned from reality TV

  1. Kathleen Fletchall says:

    Well said , Sharon. This is something that gives life meaning- and brings great joy.

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