Failure or Fantastic Voyage?

I’ve written only 4 blog posts this year, logged 28,000 miles on my car, spent over $3000 in gas and gained 20lbs.  And tomorrow I’ll drive 3 hours one way for my last appointment in Medicare supplement sales.  The last year-plus can be described by the 3 C’s.  Cold Calling, Commission-Only Sales and Cancellations.  I’m throwing in the towel, Giving up the Ghost, Deep Sixing my insurance business cards, and whatever other little catchy phrases you can think of for quitting something. 

A little over a year ago I was full of enthusiasm, I had my new business attire in one hand and my newly minted insurance license in the other.  I felt I had a “big girl” job.  I was ready to conquer the world of Medicare supplement sales.  And some months I did.  And some months I didn’t.  I earned a trip to Dallas as one of the “bright and shining stars” of rookie agents.  I earned tech bonuses and incentives.  And then people cancelled.  And then I couldn’t get appointments and worse yet, when I did, I couldn’t close the deal.

After 14 months I was wreck.  The movies, Glengarry Glen Ross and Death of a Salesman were playing in my head. The ups, the downs, the highs the lows, the gas bills, the fast food and the charge-backs.  Oh my. 

I felt like a failure. 

Then I found this quote.

So my “Anything” is going to be “Something”.  I’m going to take all that this year has thrown at me, stir it up and plant a beautiful garden.  The “ingredients” in my compost (I thought that was a better word than Sh*t) that were formed this last year are Patience, Compassion, Tenacity and Accountability. 

I’ve hugged hundreds of seniors, educated them, held their hand, helped them with subsidy and listened to their stories.  I was a good agent.  No, I was a great agent.  I just wasn’t a very good salesman.  And that’s okay. 

My compost is now rich with valuable tools and unforgettable memories.  It’s perfect for planting seeds for my next adventure. 

Sharon Ogle, LMT is now open for business full time.

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1 Response to Failure or Fantastic Voyage?

  1. Elisa says:

    Insurance sales are a difficult and often thankless job. The money *can* be great, but too often the sacrifices to get the great money are not worth it. With all the selling experience and skills you have acquired, though, just imagine how great they are going to translate ito the LMT biz you have! That was one of my biggest take-aways. Learning how to sell is key in life – whether it is your biz and wares or negotiating a tough deal like who is diong the dishes tonight. 😉

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