Psychic Pets

My world has been surrounded lately by lots of talk about ghosts, mediums, psychics… well you get the idea.  Mostly the discussions have been dealing with one question, “Well, are they or aren’t they?”  You know, real.

If you spend any amount of time channel surfing you will eventually land upon shows like “Long Island Medium,” “Crossing Over with John Edwards,” and even “Psychic Kids, Children of the Paranormal.”

But what about Psychic Pets?  I’ve always heard that animals can sense when there are ghosts or spirits about.  I’m not really sure what to call them, perhaps “other worldly beings…”  I just recently heard a story about a dog that was incessantly barking at a corner in the owner’s new “old” house.  Months and months of barking and the owner finally contacted a “pet psychic.”  Believe or don’t believe, but the woman said there was a dead cat’s ghost parked in the corner of the dining room.  And to get rid of it, all the person had to say was “Out Cat!”  Reminds me of MacBeth…”Out damned spot!”  Or in this case, “Out damned Fluffy…”  Well, you guessed it, the dog never barked at the corner again.

If you’ve read my blog at all, which if I go by my stats page… you haven’t, you’ll know that I usually write about something personal that’s going on with me.  So strap on your proton packs Ghostbuster fans, I’m ready to roll out my latest anecdote.

It’s no secret that my life the last few years has been topsy-turvy.  Divorce, job changes… and as of yesterday, finding out I have to move again.  Sometimes it just gets overwhelming and girl just wants her Mommy… well my Mom’s been passed 15 years and where I occasionally wonder, okay more than occasionally, if she’s around.  You know, if she can see me from wherever her grand perch in heaven is.  I often find a penny which has always been my symbol for my Mom and it prompts me to look up and say, “Hi Mom.”

Well last night I had a fitful night’s sleep.  Worrying about where I was going to live and when I would have to move, yada yada yada.  During one of my lying awake, staring at the clock moments, I thought of my Mom.  I remembered how amusing she could often be, making me chuckle with silly things like putting a flashlight down her pajama pants…  Haha, doesn’t that thought just make you want to chuckle now?  :o) Well, perhaps you had to be there…

At 5:38 in the morning I wanted my Mommy.  My faithful dog Grace was soundly sleeping on the bed. My room was pitch black.  I remembered lamenting about my current situation, a few tears rolling on the pillow… and I hear clear as day, “It will be alright, Sherry.”  My childhood name.  As soon as that thought finished in my head, my little comatose dog jumps up and barks.  I mean the second of.  I said to no one in particular, “Is that you Mom?” “Woof Woof!  Bark! Bark!  Grrrrr!”  Gracie hops off the bed, runs into the kitchen and starts pointing her little Ghostbusting nose in every direction.

Gracie, channeling the spirits.

I don’t even know what to write next, just that it was the coolest feeling ever.  I felt protected, I felt loved, I felt my Mom was right here comforting me.

And then my next thought was, hmm, I wonder if Grace could have her own reality series…. “Gracie, the Mystic Mutt…”

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3 Responses to Psychic Pets

  1. Sabrina says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ From or breakfast Sat. and all that you have going on right now, she obviously knows you need & miss her 🙂

  2. JD says:

    whatever that critter is wearing……is animal cruelty, and I’m callin’ the law.

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