In the process of getting ready to sell my house, the stager lady, that’s how I like to refer to her, made me put away all of my family photos, extra unused furniture, delightful little knickknacks and, oh be still my heart, my books.  Okay, to be fair, she’s letting me keep three of my six bookshelves and she’s instructed me on how to stage them properly.  Staging a bookshelf really doesn’t have anything to do with keeping books on it.  It’s more about filling it with plants and said mentioned knickknacks, and maybe just a few books standing upright, or even better, lain on their side, so we have to crane our neck to read the titles.

See the number above?  After weeding through all my books a month ago, and donating or selling over 200, I still own 472 books.  Twenty-nine categories.  Hardcover, softcover, leather-bound, big, little, fiction, non-fiction.  Well, you get the idea, the list goes on.  I was amazed at the compilation of books I’d amassed.

Ninety-seven softcover fiction.  Forty hard bound.  Thirty-six cooking books.  Eighteen tennis books, twelve golf books.  Twenty-four books on massage.  Forty books on energy, visualization and psychicness.  Is that a word?  Spell check apparently thinks not.  Forty? Seriously.  I may not know how to snowboard, only one of those books, but I can sure tell you what you had for breakfast and read your palm.  I have seven logic and gambling books.  Why I paired these together, who knows?  Seems like an oxymoron to me.  Sixteen relationship books.  I want my money back on those.  Oh, and my favorite, I own seventeen blank books, some with pages torn out where I attempted journaling.  Maybe if I’d actually read the one book I own on, “How to write a Journal,”  I wouldn’t have had to rip the pages out.

I have books that me happy,  “I love you, Mom.”  Thanks kids.  Books that make me cry, any of those “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books.  Especially, the dog lover’s soul.  Thanks Poul.  Books that make me laugh, Bill Bryson and my favorite humorist, Erma Bombeck.  Books that tell me what to do, “Take Charge of Your Life NOW.”  Books that help me de-clutter, I obviously haven’t read those, but the stager lady apparently has.

When it’s all said and done, my books are now organized and boxed away, waiting for  their new home, where ever that may be.  And when I finally unpack them, it will be like greeting old friends.  In the mean time, if you want to borrow a book, let’s talk.

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