The World Series of Poker…

This is one of those “bucket list” items that you dream about. Playing in the World Series of Poker.  The Vegas lights, the cast of characters, the professionals and the amateurs, or as I like to refer to them, the….

Sharks and Fish 

Two kinds of players in poker you see,

“Sharks” and “Fish” said the man with glee,

I’m the former, he said with a grin,

You’d be the latter ~ so, let’s begin.


A compliment he gave to me,

When’st called a fish from the beautiful sea.

But soon I saw by his devious look,

He planned to fleece me, bait and hook.


He won the first pot and deftly so,

I watched as my chips were dwindling low.

A winning hand I’d seldom seen,

This little fish must swim upstream.


It started benignly, a card here or there,

Luck was a changin’,  twas in the air.

I won a round, then two, then three,

Others dropped out, was just the Shark and me.


Last hand was dealt, winner take all,

I raised, he raised, and then the Call.

Five pretty red ones he said to me,

He was right, diamonds they’d be.


Victory certain, he was sure he’d won,

After all, she’s a little fish, she must be done.

“Show me your cards, see that you’re beat,

Come on, let the Big Dog eat!”


“Not so fast”, I said with a look,

“Full House beats a Flush in anyone’s book.”

Beginner’s luck, or just a lark~

Guess what?  You’d be the Fish and I’d be the shark.

Yes, if I had a “bucket list,”  playing in the World Series of Poker would definitely be on it.  Guess I should work on that, and maybe start with buying a deck of cards and learning how to play poker…. 


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1 Response to The World Series of Poker…

  1. Terry Barrett says:

    I have a whole different perspective about poker…thank you!

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