Why Penn Tennis Balls Are the World’s Best

Penn tennis balls are the sport’s #1 selling tennis ball for a reason.  The company that was born in Jeanette, Pennsylvania in 1910 continues to not only make the industry standard and preferred tennis ball of professional and recreational players, but also strives to make innovations to improve the playing quality, durability and appearance of their product.

The innovations over the years to Penn tennis balls are numerous.  In 1922 they were the first to offer pressurized ball cans and 50 years later turned that into a plastic pull-ring version.  This improvement alone has provided for longer hours of playing time and a livelier tennis ball.

Penn tennis balls are unique in that you can purchase different tennis balls for different court surfaces adding to a more enjoyable experience.  Whether you’re playing on hard courts, clay or grass, they have a ball that will be well suited for it. They even make high-altitude balls for those of you that want to bat it around in Colorado or the Andes mountain range.  And that famous fluorescent yellow color? You guessed it, was developed by Penn.

Whatever level tennis player you are, Penn tennis balls are the right fit.  At the professional level, both the Tennis Masters Series and ATP use a ball with SMART OPTIK felt for increased visibility.  On the opposite side of the age bracket, they have a lower pressurized ball used for USTA 10 and under events that allow for longer rallies which translates into more fun.  They even offer a foam version for indoor play for that first timer.

Penn also gives back to the community.  Penn tennis balls come in pink to promote breast cancer awareness.  Penn will give a portion of each sale of these balls to breast cancer research to find a cure.

A true measure of a good company is their longevity.  Penn celebrated their 100th anniversary a few years back and their iconic tennis balls have stood the test of time and only gotten better with age.