Comcast’s X1 Xfinity Entertainment Operating System

I just upgraded to the new Comcast X1 Entertainment Operating System and I’m a happy camper. If you’re scratching your head and wondering what that is, it’s Comcast’s latest and greatest Digital Video Recording (DVR) system. If you are already familiar with DVR technology, you might currently be frustrated with your old system. I know I was. I was only allowed to record two programs at one time and I couldn’t watch any live TV when my programs were recording. Plus, all the HD television programs were eating up my memory and I had limited storage space available.

Enter the new X1 Entertainment Operating System. This new DVR is so slick, it allows me to record four shows at one time and if I still feel I’m missing out on that latest reality TV show, I can watch a 5th program live. All of this from any television in my house, in any room. So I can watch my favorite Food Network Show, Chopped, in the kitchen and then run to my den and catch the World Champion Seattle SeaHawks win their next game and still keep Fluffy, the kitty, happy in the bedroom with Animal Planet.

The X1 Entertainment Operating System is not only a DVR, it’s a multitasker, it brings my Internet and television together. It has the fastest, most reliable in home WiFi speeds, which will allow everyone in my house to be happy surfing the Internet, downloading music, playing video games or watching television all at the same time.

With the X1 Entertainment Operating System, my TV screen also becomes available to use my favorite Apps. So if I’m being a social media junkie, I can share my photos from Facebook, Flickr or Instagram, if I feel like listening to music, Pandora is now at my fingertips or I can use an App to just get updated traffic reports and weather.

Simply put, it’s a game changer. Comcast has taken my ideal DVR wish list, which includes fast Internet, the ability to record multiple television programming simultaneously with tons of HD storage, and the capability to download and stream movies or video games and put it in one very special cable box. Oh, and one more thing, it can use voice recognition from my phone. What will they think of next?